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News Releases

£1.9 billion boost from walking and cycling

15 February, 2021

Users of Scotland’s National Walking and Cycling Network (NWCN) spent £1.9 billion in the local economy in 2019.

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Progress report reveals boost for bees

14 February, 2021


A new report reveals Scotland’s bees and other pollinators were given a welcome boost in 2020, despite Covid restrictions.

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More action needed to help nature

12 February, 2021

Scotland is making progress towards meeting current international biodiversity targets but much more action is needed, a report published today shows.

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Urgent plea for dog owners to take the lead on responsible ownership near livestock

11 February, 2021

Several Scottish organisations have united in an urgent plea to dog owners across the country to keep their dogs under proper control around livestock.

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Risk of extreme droughts likely to increase in Scotland

02 February, 2021

Scotland is likely to face an increase in the risk of extreme droughts over the next two decades as a result of climate change.

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Revamp for Scotland’s favourite paths

22 January, 2021

Some of Scotland’s best-loved paths are being revamped with new funding to remove barriers and improve access for all.

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New Scottish wildlife crime investigator appointed

15 January, 2021

Joint news release issued by the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) and NatureScot

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Woodland bird recovery

14 January, 2021

Scotland’s woodland birds appear to have recovered from a short-term decline thought to be caused by harsh winter weather.

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Review looks at progress helping farmers and crofters deal with sea eagle impact

08 January, 2021

Issued on behalf of the Sea Eagle National Stakeholder Panel

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