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News Releases

Walkers urged to check for deer stalking before Heading for the Scottish Hills

01 September, 2020

Hillwalkers are being encouraged to check online for deer stalking information before setting out during the busiest part of the season.

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Fresh insight into secret lives of basking sharks

28 August, 2020

The first study to successfully track a basking shark using a robot camera has shed new light on the behaviour of the world’s second largest fish.

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Scotland’s nature agency wants to snap up your coasts and waters photos

31 July, 2020

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is calling on people to share their favourite photos of Scotland’s rivers, coasts, seas, lochs and canals to feature in a celebratory calendar marking Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters (YCW).

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More people spending time outdoors. New survey reveals importance of nature to Scotland’s recovery from Covid-19

20 July, 2020

Lockdown in Scotland saw an increase in the number of people visiting the outdoors to enjoy nature and stay healthy, according to a report by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

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Welcome back to Scotland’s great outdoors but be sure to follow the Code

16 July, 2020

Scots are being asked to enjoy the great outdoors safely and responsibly by following the Scottish Outdoor Access Code in a new campaign, launching today.

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New boardwalk and paths for West Lothian nature reserve

14 July, 2020

A West Lothian nature reserve is being expanded, with plans to develop a new boardwalk and circular paths as well as to restore peatlands and help mitigate climate change, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) announced today.

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Nature fund's latest £1.8m to save Scotland’s most threatened plants and wildlife

11 July, 2020

Projects to restore part of the River Tweed’s mosaic of wetlands and natural woodland; help protect wading birds of global conservation concern in the Clyde Valley; and tackle the notoriously destructive invasive plant Japanese knotweed are among the latest recipients in the Scottish Government's Biodiversity Challenge Fund.

Following delays resulting from the COVID-19 situation, more than £1.8m funding for sixteen projects is currently being finalised. Investment in ‘green recovery’ is one of the most cost effective ways of making our communities sustainable and more resilient, while driving inclusive economic development.

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Nature fund to tackle ‘most at risk and vulnerable’ species

08 July, 2020

Plans are underway to take urgent action to save more than 40 of Scotland’s most vulnerable coastal and island species, including the natterjack toad, Scottish primrose and little tern.

Species on the Edge, a bold and ambitious partnership project by Scottish Natural Heritage involving Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, The Bat Conservation Trust, Buglife, The Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Plantlife Scotland and RSPB Scotland will catalyse conservation action along Scotland’s coasts and islands.

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Moladh ceòlmhor air Bliadhna nan Costaichean is Uisgeachan ri fhaicinn air-loidhne

03 July, 2020

Thèid àrainneachdan mara sònraichte na h-Alba a mholadh ann an tachartas air leth air-loidhne airson Bliadhna nan Costaichean is nan Uisgeachan a chomharrachadh.

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Musical celebration of Year of Coasts and Waters goes virtual

03 July, 2020

Scotland’s unique marine environment will be celebrated in a special online event to mark the Year of Coasts and Waters.

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