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News Releases

Call for volunteers to tackle invasive American mink in Tayside

02 April, 2024

A major invasive species project working in Tayside is appealing for volunteers to help protect native wildlife by monitoring and controlling populations of introduced American mink.

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Outer Hebrides Wildlife Festival opens registration for events

15 March, 2024

The Outer Hebrides Wildlife Festival is open for registration of events for its 2024 programme.

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Clàradh thachartasan airson Fèis Fiadh-bheatha nan Eilean fosgailte

15 March, 2024

Tha clàradh thachartasan airson prògram 2024 aig Fèis Fiadh-bheatha nan Eilean fosgailte.

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First-ever flux tower installed in the South of Scotland to measure greenhouse gases

14 March, 2024

The South of Scotland is joining a national network of flux towers, with a unique project allowing greenhouse gases to be measured as the land changes from commercial forestry crops to restored peatland.

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New online deer management service launched

13 March, 2024

NatureScot has launched a new online service as part of work to modernise deer and wildlife management systems in Scotland.

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Largest-ever Scottish seagrass planting programme launched by unique partnership

01 March, 2024

Restoring nature in Scotland’s seas will get a more than £2m funding boost, NatureScot announced today, detailing a new partnership to protect and restore Scottish seagrass meadows, with support from SSEN Distribution. This is believed to be the largest-ever single donation to marine enhancement in Scotland.

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Swarm of support for Scotland's pollinators

21 February, 2024

People around Scotland are doing more than ever to help save threatened bees, moths, and hoverflies, according to a new NatureScot report.

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Foxes most likely responsible for lamb predation

13 February, 2024

New research investigating reports of badger predation on lambs on Scottish farms has found that foxes were responsible.

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New guidance to protect gull populations in serious decline

06 February, 2024

NatureScot has updated guidance for gull licensing in response to significant and serious declines in all five species that breed in Scotland.

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Stepping up efforts to save Scotland’s critically endangered chough

23 January, 2024

Efforts to save Scotland’s critically endangered population of chough must step up, as studies predict the bird may become extinct in Scotland within decades, according to a new NatureScot report.

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