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Nature agency calls on Scots to put water out for wildlife this summer

05 July, 2021

NatureScot, Scotland’s nature agency, is urging everyone to take simple steps – such as putting out water for wildlife this summer – to help local wildlife, reverse nature loss and help fight climate change.

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Rare habitat restoration showing signs of success in Highlands

23 June, 2021

A NatureScot project to improve the condition of rare moss heath on Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve (NNR) is seeing promising results, but is threatened by damage from illegal disturbance.

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Boaters asked to stay away from Muir of Dinnet loch to protect birds

17 June, 2021

NatureScot is asking all visitors to the Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve – which receives about 80,000 visitors a year – to stay off Loch Kinord at this sensitive time of year for nesting birds, beginning today (17 June).

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A’ comharrachadh dualchas ainmean-àite Inbhir Nis

16 June, 2021

Tha NatureScot air leabhar-iùil ùr air ainmean-àite baile is sgìre Inbhir Nis fhoillseachadh an-diugh.

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Celebrating the place-name heritage of Inverness

16 June, 2021

NatureScot has today launched a new guide to the place-names of Inverness and the surrounding area. 

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UK’s first NNR launches photo contest to celebrate 70th anniversary

15 June, 2021

NatureScot is inviting people across Scotland to enter a national photo contest, launching today (15 June), to help mark Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve’s 70th anniversary this autumn.

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‘First time in over a century’ sea eagles return to Loch Lomond

11 June, 2021

White-tailed eagles have appeared on Loch Lomond for the first time in over a hundred years.

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Harbour seal census confirms east-west divide

03 June, 2021

A full census reveals Scotland’s harbour seals are doing well overall but there remains a striking divide between east and west coast populations.

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Warning of high risk of deer on roads

31 May, 2021

With increased collisions between deer and vehicles at this time of year, NatureScot is warning motorists to slow down and be on the lookout for deer on the road.

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NatureScot urges gardeners to go peat-free

27 May, 2021

NatureScot is urging gardeners to choose alternatives to peat, now that garden centres have opened up around Scotland. Digging up peat to use in a garden destroys wildlife and releases carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change, as well as increasing flooding in areas where it is dug up.

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