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News Releases

Varied fortunes for Scotland’s wintering waterbirds

09 September, 2021

Numbers of wintering waterbirds have declined overall in Scotland, with waders showing the greatest decrease.

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Seabird numbers decline by almost 50%

03 September, 2021

Numbers of breeding seabirds in Scotland have declined by almost 50% since the 1980s, a new report shows.

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Watersports enthusiasts thanked for helping breeding birds

01 September, 2021

Boaters, paddle-boarders and swimmers are being thanked for helping to protect breeding birds at a popular Deeside nature reserve this summer.

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Foraging festival returns for 2021 with exciting in-person and online events

18 August, 2021

Scotland’s festival of foraging is returning for 2021, with a programme of exciting in-person and online events for participants of all ages. 

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Conservation success as beaver numbers double in Scotland

17 August, 2021

The number of beavers has more than doubled in Scotland in the last three years to around 1000 animals, according to a NatureScot survey published today (10 August).

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Action plan for nature-based jobs

05 August, 2021

An action plan has been launched to boost nature-based jobs as Scotland steps up efforts to meet net-zero targets.

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Walkers urged to check for deer stalking before Heading for the Scottish Hills

30 July, 2021

Scotland’s Nature Agency, NatureScot, is urging hillwalkers to check online for deer stalking information before setting out during the busiest part of the season.

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Satellites track “bog breathing” to help monitor peatlands

25 July, 2021

Using satellite technology to look at how bogs “breath” could help build a better picture of peatland condition and restoration progress in Scotland.

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Storm petrels breeding on Isle of May

22 July, 2021

Storm petrels have been confirmed breeding on NatureScot’s Isle of May National Nature Reserve (NNR) for the first time.

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NatureScot urges watersport visitors to keep their distance from seals

16 July, 2021

Scotland’s nature agency, NatureScot, is urging people not to get too close to seals, after a series of recent incidents at Loch Fleet National Nature Reserve (NNR) and other seal haul-out sites across Scotland.

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