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Latest press releases

Almost 100 new Scottish sites identified to safeguard trees from climate change

26 January, 2023

Efforts to preserve the highly-threated genetic diversity of Scotland’s native trees have taken a significant step forward with the identification of 98 potential new sites for gene conservation.

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Scotland's wildlife struggling to recover from climate change and biodiversity loss

19 January, 2023

New figures from NatureScot show Scotland’s birds, mammals, butterflies and moths are struggling to recover as the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change take effect.

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NatureScot takes action to prevent damage by deer

16 January, 2023

NatureScot has used its intervention powers to carry out a cull of red deer in Sutherland.

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Successful river restoration scheme for graduates returns

12 January, 2023

Scotland’s nature-based careers sector is to receive a welcome boost with the return of the successful Working with Rivers scheme, following its employment achievements in 2022.

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New year for nature: six ways to help wildlife in 2023

06 January, 2023

More than half of Scots indicated they wanted to take action to help nature in 2022. These intentions now appear to be making a difference.

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