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Latest beaver trial reports published

18 February, 2015

Numbers of beavers living in the wild in Argyll have remained stable in spite of high kit mortality, according to one of a series of reports published today (18 February) by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). Other findings were that the beavers have had an impact on rare lichens in the area but have hardly used local rivers and streams.

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Lewis and Harris goose management scheme set for take-off

16 February, 2015

A new three year pilot project to manage the greylag goose population of Lewis and Harris has been launched this week, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) confirmed today.

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World and European leaders attend major Scottish conservation event

09 February, 2015

More than 50 delegates will today (Monday) attend a high-profile conference on the role of protected areas and their resilience to change and external pressures.

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Locals invited to hear more about studies of Knapdale beavers

06 February, 2015

Local people interested in hearing about studies of Knapdale’s famous beavers are invited to an event in the Cairnbaan Hotel near Lochgilphead, from 6.30 - 9pm on Thursday 19 February.

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Escaped prairie dogs under control

05 February, 2015

Prairie dogs which were on the loose at an East Lothian open farm in 2013 are now recaptured and in a secure enclosure, under the first agreement of its kind to control invasive non-native species in Scotland.

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SNH and Police Scotland ask public to report illegal shellfish collecting

03 February, 2015

Local people are being asked to report anyone they see collecting shellfish in Loch Fleet or along the northern shores of the Dornoch Firth. Collecting shellfish in this area is a criminal offence.

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New report on beaver effects on salmon and trout

28 January, 2015

A report looking at at how salmon and trout populations might be affected, if beavers are reintroduced to Scotland, was published today (28 January).

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New Dunbartonshire section of John Muir Way opens

23 January, 2015

An 800-metre stretch of upland section of the John Muir Way has been upgraded between Balloch and Helensburgh, announced Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) this week.

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Free wetlands walk at Loch Leven

20 January, 2015

A free wetlands walk showing off Loch Leven’s spectacular wildlife takes place on Sunday, 1 February.

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Call for voluntary restraint on large scale hare culls

24 December, 2014

A new joint initiative urging voluntary restraint on large scale culls of mountain hares has been launched today (23 December).

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