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News Releases

Pink-footed geese return to Loch Leven

10 October, 2014

Two free goose walks to see the amazing spectacle of the return of the pink-footed geese to Loch Leven national nature reserve take place this month.

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New tool in fight against wildlife crime

06 October, 2014

Use of General licences to be restricted with evidence of wildlife crime

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) will prevent the use of general licences to trap or shoot wild birds on land where there is evidence of wildlife crime against birds.

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MEDIA INVITE: Wildlife crime announcement

03 October, 2014

MEDIA INVITE: SNH and Environment Minister to announce decision on general licence restrictions

Not for publication or broadcast – for operational guidance only

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New accord between SNH and Farmers’ Union promises action on sea eagles

26 September, 2014

A new joint statement of intent on balancing the needs of sheep farmers and crofters with the conservation of sea eagles has been announced by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and NFU Scotland.

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SNH: wave energy projects can co-exist with kelp habitats

25 September, 2014

Wave energy schemes proposed for the seas off Scotland can co-exist with important kelp habitats, according to a new report for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

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Fungi forays at Loch Leven this weekend

23 September, 2014

Changes are taking place at Loch Leven National Nature Reserve which herald the arrival of autumn.

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Local teacher wins award for teaching in nature

23 September, 2014

A local teacher has received recognition for taking the classroom outdoors and improving the learning experiences of her pupils.

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First seal pup arrives on Isle of May

22 September, 2014

The first seal pup of the season has made its appearance on the Isle of May national nature reserve, in time for Scottish Natural Heritage’s Homecoming weekend of 27 and 28 September.

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Isle of May Homecoming Weekend gets seal of approval

17 September, 2014

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) will mark the Year of Homecoming by celebrating the Isle of May's wildlife over the weekend of 27 and 28 September.

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Aberdeenshire pair win award for teaching in nature

04 September, 2014

Two Aberdeenshire Primary School teachers have received recognition today (Wednesday) for taking the classroom outdoors and improving the learning experiences of their pupils.

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